Raspberry: Missing fw_env.config

On a raspberry, running F38. There is a tool fw_printenv which reads values defined in the uboot loader. However, any attempt to use this returns Cannot parse config file '/etc/fw_env.config: No such file or directory.

Obviously, /etc/fw_env.config is missing. As I understand it, this file should be created when compiling uboot, it basically holds the location where uboot stores it’s data.

Any hint how to get or create a valid fw_env.config for Fedora on raspberry 4?

Basically, like this

/boot/efi/uboot.env 0x000 0x4000

Reference: https://groups.google.com/a/lists.mender.io/g/mender/c/_i2-SQ_IDdk/m/DS3T5UjvBAAJ

I do not see that file on my f38 server running on RPi in /boot tree.

Is /boot/efi/config.txt that controls early boot is that what you are after?

As I understand it, yes. My understanding is limited, though.

Sorry, that reply did not make much sense.

From a packaging perspective: The tools fw_printenv and fw_setenv does not work after installing uboot-tools on RPi-4. Both complains about missing /etc/fw_env.config, and are basically unusable.

In the RPi-4 case, this can be fixed by adding /etc/fw_env.config with contents as of above. However, in the general case the contents of fw_env.config depends on how the grub bootloader is compiled, so a package can probably not blindly create fw_env.config according to what’s applicable for RPi-4.

But then again, RPi-4 is an important use case, so if a general solution is too tricky in the short run, a fix for RPi-4 should be simple.

Seems that this should be filed as a bug against uboot-tools. Will do as soon as my dispute with the Fedora login id system is settled.

Done: 2230475 – fw_printenv and fw_setenv unusable after installation