Random tmux crashes in Fedora 36

I have run into some very strange behavior on my Fedora 36 installation.
I am routinely using tmux within the console window, which has worked fine in GNOME. After switching to KDE, I am experiencing random crashes of tmux. These crashes bring down not only the terminal window and the tmux client, but apparently also the tmux server with it, which is odd.
Nothing else in the system is seemingly affected, all other applications keep running like nothing happened, except for those started from my tmux session of course.

Does anyone else experience weird behavior of tmux under KDE?

I don’t use KDE, but, for a long time, I have experienced infrequent TMUX server crashes, too. It’s very odd, I agree, but what I think is really strange is that ABRT doesn’t catch it…ever. It happens to me probably once every three or four months.

@franzschanovsky , have you had any insight to this problem?

Does anyone else experience this?

How can I make sure I get a crash so I can report this?

Also, I’m on F39 now, and, as I said, I’ve experienced these strange crashes for many years, so, I don’t think F36 has anything to do with this problem. @franzschanovsky , you should remove that from the title of this thread.