Rampage Headphone Stopped Working After I Passed Fedora Than Windows

can there be a solution to this or is it unsolvable because it is hardware?

Since there is no real info here there is no answer possible.

What (in detail) did you do and what has happened?
What is your hardware?
Are you dual booting or did you replace windows on the machine?
What version of fedora are you using?
Is this fedora Workstation or one of the spins?
What audio app are you using?
What are the settings in the gnome settings → sound panel?

There are many answers to many questions, but info is needed to direct the answer properly.

I was plugging the cable into the usb and the headphones were working normally in windows.
It doesn’t work on fedora. It stopped detecting. After switching from windows operating system to fedora. Even the light doesn’t come on. Im using fedora 36 workstation. I dont know others.