R-fontawesome file conflict blocking upgrade to Fedora 39

Error: Transaction test error:
file /usr/share/R/library/fontawesome/fontawesome from install of R-fontawesome-0.5.1-2.fc39.noarch conflicts with file from package R-fontawesome-0.5.1-1.fc38.noarch

Getting this error when trying to upgrade with sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=39. What to do?

You’ll need to uninstall that package in order to upgrade. You can reinstall it afterward.

Please file a bug against the R-fontawesome package. It’s trying to replace a directory with a symlink, which is a well-known RPM limitation: Replacing a symlink with a directory or a directory with any type of file :: Fedora Docs


Thanks, bug filed: 2252701 – R-fontawesome file conflict blocking upgrade to Fedora 39

I’ll wait for a fix. R-fontawesome is a dependency for R-rmarkdown, so attempting to remove the former forces the removal of the latter as well as over a dozen other ‘no longer needed’ packages.

Maybe or maybe not.
Did you try the removal with the --noautoremove option?
That makes the system ignore most of the dependencies that a removal will try to also remove and only removes the specified package and its “hard” dependencies.

Good to know. With --noautoremove, only the two packages R-fontawesome and R-rmarkdown would be removed. Easier to manage, but I think I’ll still wait.

These all seem to be new computer problems. Make sure your bios is up to date (check with board vendor sites). If not make sure data is on a separate (or at least backed up some other drive or media and download and do a fresh install.

This has nothing to do with the BIOS. I updated the main FontAwesome package from the 4.x series to the 6.x series during the F39 development time frame and managed to screw up the R-fontawesome update. This is the offending commit for the curious:

Sorry about that. There were a lot of packages to update, and I managed to overlook this issue.

For @fasulia: there is nothing to be gained from waiting. It’s a packaging bug that affects updates from previous versions of Fedora, nothing more. The end result of using --noautoremove and reinstalling will be the same as if you had done a fresh F39 install.



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Thanks for the explanation. I went ahead with the uninstall/upgrade/reinstall workaround without issue.