QuickDocs - Manage images

In document header of QuickDoc source file, some have the following data-uri document attribute if the file contains images.

:imagesdir: images

I also referred to the convention in latest doc in GitLab.

However, the image is not rendered when I run local preview using ./builder.sh

By mistake, I committed the doc without images. Sorry.

Could anyone advise where the image attribute syntax went wrong so I can fix it? Thanks.

I had just a look into the source file. If you just leave off the :imagedir: directive, everything should work.

I would suggest adding a bit of structure to the ~/asset/images directory and following a naming convention. We should create a subdirectory for each article using its short name, e.g. find-install-software in this case, and store the image files in it.

Then, the reference would be


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Thanks for the reference and conventions for image handling.

The command below create a sub directory for images and add them staged for commit.
git add ASSET/images/subdir/your_image.png