Question about setting up root/user accounts during install (Fedora KDE plasma desktop & Kinoite)

I have a noob question about installing Fedora KDE plasma desktop. Installer gives two different ways to set root/user accounts. Which one is recommended?

  1. Without root account and give administrator rights for user account
  2. With root account and normal user account (separate passwords)

@anon16662565 ,
Hello, if you are going to be the only one using the system, the first option makes the most sense, if others are sharing the PC with you then the second option begins to make more sense.

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In Fedora Kinoite you can live without unlocked root account, but I don’t recommend to have locked root in Fedora Workstation, because if something wrong happen and your system does not boot, you need root account toa enter emergency shell in systemd. If root account is locked, it will not work and you need a livecd to repair the system. In Kinoite you should always have at least one booting and working deployment, so no need root account unlocked.