Question about fedora37 in rasp pi

cannot login user account,
pressing enter also cannot seems to proceed>
here is the video of it,? - YouTube

The video is not helpful. A photo would be more appropriate since it can be pasted in the post.

Or, can you please describe in words what happens? Thanks!

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Not much to see on the video … if you use wireless Keyboard it could be this problem:

I have no problem with my wireless logitech keyboards and a Pi. I use the logitech receiver for usb connection. The logitech receiver is not dependent upon anything in the os for functioning and works at the bios level as any other wired keyboard or mouse would.

Are you maybe using a wifi or bluetooth keyboard? Those may present an issue if the connection is not properly stable, and certainly will not work until the service supporting them is activated.

nope its a wired one.
Weirdly, it seems to complete the whole boot process and went into No signal.
I have no idea what solved the problem.I will just close this issue for now.