QCA9377 Wifi adapter , very slow speed on Fedora 33

Hello Fedora33 users,
its been a while since i have shifted to Fedora from macOS in terms of development for my work requirements. But one thing I constantly face which disrupts my experience is the slow wifi speed on Fedora 33. Since this machine is on dual boot and shows expected speed results on windows 10. for some reason it the internet gets really slag on fedora, sometimes enough to get me kicked of a meeting.

Please recommend me the right way to solve this issue i am facing persistently , I know this might be a repeated issue but I am unable to find a solution to this. Please guide me to the solution to this issue

My laptop is:
DELL Inspiron 15 500 series
Network card: QCA9377
Humble UNIX lover


So finally I’ve found a fix for this issue I had. I will write it below so if anyone faces something similar this post can be guide to his/her solution.

So apparently this is because of WLAN power management ( power saver) being turned on by default.
Anyhow its pretty easy to turn it off>

I found the solution over here!

For QCA9377 Wifi adapter, all you had to do is:

  1. install iwconfig ( debian - iwconfig not found, but wireless tools installed - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange)
  2. run iwconfig command and check your network alias, for QCA9377 wifi adapter its probably wlp3s0
  3. Create a script

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

  1. and add and save this
wifi.powersave = 2
  1. Restart your NetworkManager

systemctl restart NetworkManager

  1. Voila, now just use this command to make sure Power Management is turned



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