[Published] Fedora @SCaLE Linux Conference [21x / 2024]

Article Summary:
I’d like to request editor review for
Fedora @SCaLE Linux Conference
Deadline: ASAP

Article Description:
Perry Rivera’s Ambassador experience at Fedora @SCaLE Linux Conference 21x [2024]

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one?

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This article is tag-teamed by @kanyin on editorial support and @obazeeconsole on a featured image. Our current targeted publication date is Monday, 15 April.


Hi @lajuggler We discussed this article in the editor roundtable yesterday and the article is great! We had just one feedback for you to improve the outlook of this article.

Reformat photos into galleries. Convert images into galleries per section to make scrolling shorter and easier for the reader.

I’m currently working on reformating the photos. After then, we’re good to go :rocket:

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Thank you @kanyin for the roundtable review and compliments on the article. Thanks also for helping me reformat the photos into the galleries.

I appreciate your efforts and look forward to the revised article.

Have a great weekend!


This article is now published. Thanks @kanyin for editing support and @obazeeconsole for the featured image!



Thanks for the privilege of service.

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Thanks all for making this happen. Have a great week everyone!!!