[Published] Elections

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An update on changes made to the Fedora Elections from the council hackfest 2024 and announcing the F40 elections period

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Same as above

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An elections themed one please! :slight_smile:


Hi @amoloney, I’m unable to access the draft. Below is the error message I’m getting.

@obazeeconsole Congratulations! You are now officially promoted to an editor! :tada: I changed the permissions on your user account to an editor. You should be able to open the article now and make edits. I am also going to add you to the FAS account group for Community Blog editors. Thanks for your great efforts over the last few months.

Please try accessing this article and trying again.

One idea to improve this article as an editor would be to use more headers to break up the text into smaller pieces. Generally, as a rule, it is a good idea to avoid over >300 words without using a header to break up the text into smaller sections.

Thank you so much! I’m excited for this privilege and to be part of the Community Blog editors. I appreciate your support and trust in me. And yes, I can access the article now :hugs:.
Looking forward to contributing more. Thanks again.

Understood, I’ll make sure to apply this. Thanks for the tip, I’ll put it into practice.:+1:t4:

Hi @amoloney, aside from the addition of headers, which organized the content into clear sections, and the updated grammar check, the article looks good to go. Nice work and well done. :+1:

cc: @jflory7

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I realize there was never a publish confirmation posted here, but the article did go out as scheduled. Thanks @obazeeconsole for your help! :tada: