Publish today: "Fedora Appreciation Week 2023: Day 1"

Article Summary: Fedora Appreciation Week 2023: Day 1

Article Description: Today marks the launch of Fedora Appreciation Week (FAW). :tada: In celebration of our 20th anniversary, read these stories from the community. :blue_heart:

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Today is the 20th anniversary of the Fedora Project, and the DEI Team has a collection of contributor stories to share. Like we did 5 years ago, we will publish a new Community Blog post every day this week with stories celebrating our community. This is the first post from @jonatoni, and we will have more to come each day this week.

This one is ready, but is not yet published. I will give it a few hours if anyone has a chance to take a review! Thank you.

I added the stories into Details blocks and pressed Publish. The post is now live:

More to come this week.

I created the draft for the second article which we want to publish tomorrow please. :pray:


Should I create a new thread for each new article or is it fine to use this thread?

I edited tags and published it:

I think a thread for each article is manageable, or at least, any articles that are ready to be scheduled for publishing at once.

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