[Publish & Review] The Creation of the Nest/Flock/Hatch Logos and Colúr! - blogpost proposal

Here is the public preview: The Creation of the Nest/Flock/Hatch Logos and Colúr! – Fedora Community Blog

Date of proposed publish: Monday 18th July 2022


Hi Jess. I made some edits to improve readability (shortening sentences, removing passive voice, etc) and fix capitalization. Please let me know if anything looks amiss.

Before I can publish this, though, I need to verify that we can use the included image of a pink-necked green pigeon. I don’t see any attribution or license information. Can you please provide that or find an image that is suitable for use? If you have questions about this, please let me know.

Updated the image there to a new image with a Creative Commons image!

Sorry to be a bother, but can you pick another one? The NonCommercial variants aren’t good for us to use as 1. it’s a little unclear if our use counts as commercial and 2. we don’t want to restrict downstream use like that. A list of acceptable content licenses is in the wiki.

Also, for any CC-licensed image you use, we’ll need to provide attribution. Minimally, this is the name of the author, but ideally a link to the site as well.

No problem, I understand! Just updated it there again!

Perfect! I scheduled it for 2022-07-26T08:00:00Z

Perfect, thanks! This is my first time posting a blog so do I post it at 9 or does it to it automatically?

It will automatically publish at that time.