[Publish] GSoC 2022

@bcotton @siddharthvipul1 Can you guys help review and publish this at the earliest?
@bcotton we would like to add this to your FPgM report this week and may mention another one liner sometime closer to deadline like 9th ?


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reviewing :slight_smile:

To add this to FPgM report, I will open a PR against the communication repository in report.md

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I have made a bunch of changes - mainly grammatical and breaking long sentences in order to improve readability. But I realized this needs a featured image - which I will make tomorrow and then schedule!

I’d also add a quick reference to how to apply and the deadline above the “read more”. Let’s not assume people will read all the way to the end :slight_smile: It doesn’t have to be the full text, but at least a “submit your proposal by …”

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Done :slight_smile:
added deadline and process in top.

We are currently looking for mentors and projects. Propose a project idea before March 30th in our Mentored Projects issue tracker.

Made a simple featured image (inspired from older images)

@sumantrom, please go through the edits once as I changed a few things (We extended our deadline as per GSoC timeline). Also, noticed the GSoC blog referred was from 2021 (older changes) so updated that
It’s scheduled for Feb 10th

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