Propose a new article: Exploring the world of declarative programming


I would like to write an article about declarative programming.
Showing how to embed Prolog in Python and how little to write to get problems solved.

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Is “Declarative programming” related to Domain Specific Language as in JetBrains’s Meta Programming System??
For sure MPS has nothing to do with Prolog, yet it is also “Declarative”. I would be interested to know more about the articulation between the 2.
Does “Declarative” imply constraint solver as in Prolog?

PS: MPS is Open Source and getting more traction: recently won DEVIES Award Europe for Best Innovation in Code Tools & Frameworks. (I do not put the link because I do not want to sound like a promotion/spam. But I would be genuinely curious about the distinction/articulation between “Declarative” and “DSL”.)


You are right: “declarative programming” is too wide.
More correct would be “logic programming”.
Yes it implies “constraint solver”, but this is IMO too narrow.

I do not know MPS, but I will take a look.
Sounds interesting.

The question about the distinction between “Declarative” and “DSL” is interesting.
Is Prolog a DSL?
No, because it is Turing complete and
Yes, because some problems are very laborious to solve and it would not be a good idea to use Prolog for them.
(I know, both of this arguments are only gradually.)

Hello @pampelmuse ,
+1 from this editor, I think a post about procedural programming as you describe should do well. Once another editor gives their approval they’ll create a Taiga card for you. Have you followed the instructions on how to contribute as a writer found at

+1. Explaining logical programming in a single article sounds quite challenging. But I’m interested to see what you have in mind. I’ve created card #308. Have you followed the steps in the getting access guide?

Just not to disappoint you:
I cannot explain logical programming (Prolog) as a whole.
There are others who can do this way better than me: The Power of Prolog
My goal is to show the following:

  1. Show an easy way to work with Prolog in Fedora if you are familiar with Python.
  2. Show how I recommend the split between Python and Prolog.
  3. Show with one (or more) examples the core intention for working with Prolog.

Then it is up to the reader if he is still interessted in “exploring the world of declarative programming”.

I think I have done the steps for getting access.

I guess putting “Prolog” and/or “constraint solver” in the title might be good.
In any case, it sounds like it maybe long enough to not delve into the taxonomy distinguishing programming paradigms :grinning:

OK. I’ve assigned the card to you. You can use the comments section of the card for further communication about your article with the editing team. Move the card to “In Progress” when you begin working on it. Move the card to “Review” when you have the article ready for review and publication by the editors.


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