Proposal: let's drop the status dashboard

Going on two years ago, we created a project status dashboard. The intent was to give high-level project areas an easy way to report their status and for the Council and community to easily see what’s going on. At the end of each month, I would write a Community Blog post summarizing the last month’s updates.

However, in practice this has become an exercise in me sending email into the void. We have adjusted the reporting period and improved the process documentation. We made it a standing item on the Council meeting schedule. But across several different representatives, the process has never caught on.

At this point, I think we can say we gave it a real try. So I’m proposing we drop it. Frankly, I feel annoying when I send reminders that go ignored over and over again and I’d rather spend my “annoyance capital” on more productive efforts. I’m not particularly interested in tweaking it again.

If there are other ideas for how we can do something like this in a way that will get the input needed, then let’s pursue that. However, I don’t think we should make having a replacement a condition for dropping the existing process.