Proposal Fedora Classroom: Git 101 with Pagure

Hello Magazine Editor,

The Fedora join’s team is looking to publish a new article to promote the one of our classrooms.

please give it a review


Hello @bt0dotninja,
Is there a preview link?
I think this is a good classroom idea, I know I have had Git issues with Pagure, all self induced of course.


I took a peak at the article. It looks good to me. +1

I see that the event is scheduled for Jul 17th, 05:00 UTC. We normally push articles at 08:00 UTC on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wednesday at 08:00 UTC is the only normal publication slot that is pending that would be before your event.

We already have an article scheduled for that time slot, but I’ll contact that article’s author and see if he is OK with being bumped.

It isn’t written that we cannot publish two article on one day I believe.

I’m uncertain as to the rules with regard to that. Does that mess with the article stats? Do buried/non-top-post articles get less views? It doesn’t matter to me. It requires some sort of rescheduling in any case I think. And it is probably best to let the people who might be affected know.

We could publish two articles on one day, but we generally prefer not to.

So, sort of off topic, but not, I thought the spam classification article #195 was meant to be published next monday the 20th, am I wrong? NM I see it is scheduled for Monday in the minutes, I still need to finish the image, and review it a bit more. I say bump tomorrow’s then schedule it for Wednesday next week

Agreed. It doesn’t look like tomorrow’s has been edited yet anyway according to Taiga. I’ll let Adam know he has an extra week to get the editing done.

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Your article has been scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15th at 08:00 UTC.

Many thanks, guys, sorry for the rush this new classroom comes from a new process who involves newcomers. I promise document to have enough time to schedule the new classrooms taking into account the magazine publish process :slight_smile:

Guys, sorry again, Can we change the text “05:00 UTC” to “05:00 pm UTC”? It’s a little but important mistake from my side. :frowning:

Done for you by the FedMag Editorial team

Thanks again :slight_smile: