[Proposal] Build Fedora cloud images with Image Builder and ship to your favorite cloud

Article Summary:

My goal would be to explain how to build some basic Fedora images with Image Builder deployed on a Fedora system and how to deploy those images directly to AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Article Description:

I want to explain:

  • How to set up Image Builder’s components on Fedora
  • How to build a custom image with examples, such as a Python flask application
  • How to let composer ship that image automatically to Azure/AWS/GCP

Let me know if this idea makes sense. Thanks!

This sounds like an awesome article idea to me. +1! :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI: It looks like someone wrote something similar a little while back.

It’s been over a year though. So I’m guessing that there is probably enough that has changed or otherwise that you have enough new material to justify another article. But if you can shorten your article somewhat by referring back to the previous one, that would be fine too.

Agreed. I saw that one and it would be easy to refer back to it so I can focus more on the cloud delivery part. Thanks for the quick reply, @glb!

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+1 from me.
Sorry i’m a little late getting Pagure Card #129 created to track your article.

You can get started any time. When you have the WordPress version ready for the editors to review, please add a comment to the card containing a link to the article preview and we’ll take a look.

Thanks for offering to contribute to the Fedora Magazine!