Proper setup of a scanner

Unfortunately proprietary SW that needs being bought if you want to use it in the long term. But functional, nevertheless, even without buying.

Too bad, the coming Linux CUPS version will render so many older printer models obsolete!

In the upcoming two weeks, I am able to give my printer another try. Any suggestions are welcome. @bennyisaiah were your tries successful? And yes, I will give them a call myself too.

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from my experience a lot of printer drivers dont talk well to linux kernel very well. Linux was optimised for server use primarily from the start so by that logic large industrial printers like xerox/fuji should work well.

I have experience setting up HP, Brother and Epson. No hands on experience with Xerox/Fuji though I would highly encourage you to try another package type for example .deb to see if this is a package issue, at least it would rule it out.

the aformentioned post from @computersavvy is definately worth a try if your official proprietory drivers don’t work.

failing that there is a chance you may be able to do a driverless setup. I have experience with this on Linux Mint. There is package called ipp-usb

Setup can be found here

You need to check its possible.

Also have you considered connecting this on a network ? That way you could bypass all the linux drivers and set it up with a more printer friendly OS

Not true

This would be difficult since .deb files are designed for the debian based systems and do not work on a RedHat based system.

Many printers can be configured using the driverless setup with fedora as it is today, though not all are 100% supported.

So what I meant was try installing the .deb drivers on a Debian or Ubuntu based system to rule out it’s not an issue with the packages.