Process to upgrade to Fedora 33 from 32... Is Fedora 33 still in beta?

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Looking to upgrade to the latest Fedora 33. Just wondering if someone could check if this is correct process.

I found this process here and not sure if its correct…

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Fedora 33 is released at the end of October, so it is not in beta anymore. This is official Fedora docs for upgrading from previous release using dnf:


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Much obliged.

Does this mean I would lose my printer and scanner drivers and need to renistall?

That’s too specific of a question, but I don’t see a reason why those would be gone. How did you install the drivers in the first place?

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I installed them throught the package on the brother website.
I just followed your instructions in the link you sent me, it worked great… Drivers are still working to for the printers…

Any idea on how to make the battery last longer on a Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

Does TLP do anything?

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TLP can help.

Please refer to TLP - ArchWiki and Settings — TLP 1.5 documentation for more advanced configuration.

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