Process .scope

In Fedora 35 KDE Plasma, a process with a very long number .scope runs. The number changes after each reboot. The process uses 585. KiB. What does this process do?

The same goes for the org.kde.korgac process. What does this process do?


please post the full name of the process. I assume it’s some systemd stuff but not sure.

KOrganizer alarm daemon:

The number changes after every boot. For the moment it is 3d85f8baddb54ae4809d05ee638359f6.scope

Btw i ran kde plasma on Kubuntu and Neon, but never noticed this process.

Description of what a scope process is:
systemd.scope(5) — Arch manual pages

systemctl list-units --type=scope

systemctl status 3d85f8baddb54ae4809d05ee638359f6.scope

The status command will tell you more.

Can I assume that this is a standard process that is harmless?