Problems with getting notifications even though a tag is Watched?

I use “Teams & Tags” and in “Watched” the list is “docs, server, websites”. But I don’t get a notification of new posts in docs, just for those threads I posted.

The list is the same when I return to that page during another visit. So it is at least “somehow” saved. :slight_smile: By now I have made it a routine to check once a day.

I’ll take a look!

I have a problem that is the same or similar to what @pboy is experiencing.
In my case, I would like to get notified about new messages through email.

I, too, have #docs and some others set to Watching.
Every now and then, I really get an email notification about something happening in #docs.
But not nearly always.
If I go the check what is happening here in the web ui,
I see many more messages than I have received email notifications about.
I think this happens for other tags than #docs, too.

At first, I thought I had setup email filtering wrong on my end,
but I have now disabled it, and it did not change anything.
I have not noticed other missing email,
and the notifications are not ending up in my junk main folder either,
so I have a reasonable doubt that Fedora Discussion is simply not sending them.

In the admin interface which shows the log of sent mail, I’m seeing a lot of outgoing messages for both @oturpe and @pboy. I wonder if it’s being sent but dropped or rate-limited elsewhere.

@pboy — do you see the same thing as Otto, where you didn’t get a mail but there are notifications when you log into the web interface? Or are you missing both?

I guess it is possible that the emails are just dropped somewhere on the route.
But, there seems to be a certain pattern that does not really fit into that hypothesis:

I get many more notifications for #docs than for other tags I watch.
The difference between #docs and the others is that I have read and replied to #docs topics,
whereas I watch the others just for passive monitoring.
So, it could be that none of the emails I received were sent because of me watching tags.
Maybe they were sent because of the generic rules for notifications:

  • I started a topic (here I have 100% reception, actually, but I have only started two),
  • I replied to a topic (here also 100%, but I only have 1 topic where there have been more replies after mine)
  • Read a topic for more than 4 minutes (no idea about this, but this could explain most if not all of the other notifications I should have received)

Now that I have realized that the 4 minute rule can add more watches without explicit action from me,
I also double checked the set of notifications I see in the web ui against my watch settings.
It turns out that there are many topics missing.
So it seems that also my problem affects all notifications,
not only email as I initially claimed.

Okay, so:

@pboy — discourse support notes that you have your preferences set to email “only when away”. See the first step in Guide to interacting with this site by email.

@oturpe — you have that setting to “always” already, so that’s not it for you. Can you double check that things aren’t going to a spam folder?

I have checked my spam folder.
The email notifications are not there.

To give a concrete example,
I have been watching #silverblue for some time,
so I would have expected to get notified about this message:
No controller in Steam - #7 by sandrito
But, I have not received an email.
It does not show up in the list of notifications in the ui, either.
This is just a single example,
I can find many similar cases if needed.

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Are other people experiencing this issue? Please report if you are. @pboy, is it solved for you? @oturpe, can you find some specific topics in the past week (ideally 5 or so, as Discourse support has requested) where you should have gotten a notification based on tag watches, but did not? (Examples from other people would be helpful too!)

Here you go.
I tried to add two examples for different cases,
just in case I actually did get a notification for one of them.
None of these show up in Notifications in the web UI,
and I have not received email about them.

I noticed a change some time ago. I no longer get emails to tags I follow. I just assumed it was some issue on my end (email filters and such), but maybe not.

@dustymabe Can you provide a list of posts that are affected? Thanks!

If I’m right it should be any post under #coreos topics

Good news! The Discourse team has identified and fixed the bug.[1]

Notifications should now be correctly flowing for everyone!

  1. Details, if you are interested: FIX: users watching tags in open tag groups not notified #16384 ↩︎


Thank you Matthew for working so hard to get this addressed!
I can already see more notifications than I used to received.
I will wait some days and check again if something is still missing for me.

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I went through the recent activity.
My notifications are working as expected now.