Problems with discussion signup (new users without a fedora project ID)

IMPORTANT: To avoid any saved logins, cookies, cache, etc use Chrome Incognito Mode for this procedure. We’re trying to simulate the new user experience.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the “discussion board” link
  3. Click the “Sign Up” button. After a few seconds you should see a “Sign In” box for

New users will be lost at this point. Browsing to doesn’t provide any clues.

Question. What is the correct (best) URL to request a fedora project ID?

So here is what I see. Once I click on the “Sign Up” button I get directed to a unique URL for signing in:

Which looks like this:
Screenshot_2020-02-14 Login

There is a “Sign up now” link at the bottom that points to:

I think this process could be improved if the “Sign Up” button from pointed directly to

@an101 - what do you think?

I get two additional screens before the redirect to the FAS LOGIN page:

– image removed –

(press cancel)

– image removed –

(press continue)

and then I reach the FAS login page.

After signing up, I received an email with my credentials. I went directly to the discussion group (without changing password) and attempted using both log in and sign up buttons. In both cases after entering my new credentials I received a confirm resubmit message and then was re-directed to the credentials prompt.

– image removed –

I then went back to my credentials email and logged in to and changed my password.

I then returned to the discussion forum and tested both Log In and Sign Up buttons with the same results as before (a login form, then a resubmit form, then a login form …)

After a few minutes I tried Log In again and was presented with a new form:

– image removed –

After entering my credentials I was able to authenticate to the discussion forums.

Finally, when posting this message I had to remove all of the images because of this message

I’m removing all of the other images and will post them individually.

And apparently I’m replying too quickly:

Wow - another version of the replying too quickly message.

Here’s the re-submission message:


And finally the message I received after waiting for a while and pressing Log In (after this point I was able to access the discussion forum).

Sorry for all of the message spam - just trying to report this issue and move on with my life :slight_smile: