Problems transferring files (downloaded from gallery-dl) from fedora 40 KDE to android phone

I have tried android-file transfer, adb push, kde connect, usb-c cable, localsend, zipping the folder, but it just seems as if fedora locks specific files and makes me unable to transfer these specific files using the various methods. Even re-downloading the files do not change anything.
I thought it was a gallery-dl problem, but I could transfer the same files on windows without any problems. I can transfer files from my android phone to the fedora computer and vice versa without any issues too. Permissions look the same to me too (but I am a noob so I may be wrong)

When i tried extracting the zip folder in my android device, it gave an error extracting file into “…”. java8.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /…/…/…: open: Operation not permitted. I do not know if this might help.

Tranferring the “locked” files using Dolphin always gives “could not write to file …png” .