Problems that occurred to me after updating Fedora

i use Fedora 39 on Gnome 45.1 ( Wayland ) with Linux 6.5.11-300.fc39.x86_64 kernel
Graphic : NVA8

Once when I was running the ATOM software, the computer froze! Does GNU Linux froze?
The operating system was completely frozen, but my computer mouse moved properly without being able to click anything.
Options Alt + Prt Scn + RESISUB did not work, as well as other sessions such as Alt + Ctrl + F3

It has happened several times that after logging into my user account, all widgets and screen icons are displayed correctly, but my background picture is a scratched screen. Like old TVs

Is there a solution to these problems? If not, please show me a way to go back to Fedora 38 (without reinstalling).
sorry if I can’t communicate well in English

Do you mean the Github ATOM Editor? Quoting Stackoverflow ATOM Editor

Atom is a hackable text editor created by GitHub and developed on top of the Electron desktop application platform. Development has fallen off, and it will be sunset as of December 15, 2022.

You should not expect it to work on current Linux versions. Maybe a current fork such as the pulsar editor (and is not related to Apache Pulsar).

Yes, I mean Atom IDLE. Thank you for introducing Pulsar text editor !
And besides that, sometimes (not always) without doing anything special, after logging into my account, I see that my background picture is a picture full of scratches. Like thrush in old TVs

I am a fan of the Fedora operating system, but some minor problems in the user interface, especially the GNOME desktop, make me not recommend this operating system to ordinary people!

I am very interested in working with this operating system
my bedroom is full of posters of this operating system and Red Hat company. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to cooperate and I’ll settle for sending an error report

the $USER solved the problem with this thread: