Problems reinstalling grub

I am sorry my bad I was used to doing it that way in other distros and kind of assumed it would be same.

The issue is that the partition on nvme0n1p6 is actually a btrfs volume (named root) with any default install since F35, and it contains the subvolumes for / and /home. Mounting the btrfs volume and not the subvolume itself is the reason for the confusion in the paths.

Arbitrarily deleting things is also not a good idea without fully understanding the actual config and problems encountered.

I guess I missed alot by using ext4 as default.

I personally do not yet trust btrfs, so on my daily driver I still use ext4 and LVM. I have done a new install into a VM where I am testing it, but until I have seen a lot more communication and become more comfortable with the environment will not switch everything over from ext4.

Please apologize for the confusion. I wrote “if not BTRFS” but apparently it is a BTRFS disk. The first command to mount the partition at /mnt was correct and you get /mnt/root for free if the subvolume is called root. How to get /mnt/root/boot and /mnt/root/boot/efi in place is the next story.
Just a question: is this action not completely at the wrong level. If Windows changed the EFI boot order, it starts Windows and no chance to come into grub. Can you try to boot via F8 or F11 or whatever the BIOS uses to come into the EFI boot manager? Can you select Fedora there or even browse to grubx64.efi or shim64.efi? If you are able to boot minimal into the grub shell, then the next step is to fix grub.cfg when needed