Problems mouning iPhone's storage in F34

I have an iPhone and whenever its storage is full, I copy photos and videos to my workstation and a backup device.
Mounting the iPhone’s internal storage and accessing it from Nautilus is a little bit of a hit-and-miss, but has actually become better and more reliable over the past years. On my Fedora 33 workstation it currently works just fine, but on my F34 laptop it doesn’t work.
Couldn’t find anything useful in the logs or in the issue tracker of libimobiledevice. Playing aroung with usbmuxd, only tells me that the device is busy.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues with an up-to-date F34 Gnome? Any ideas on how to debug? Is this likely nautilus related or library related? I assume the latter since Shotwell can see the images and creates little thumbnails (slow like hell)

I dont know if this could help you?

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