Problems logging in with Fedora AMIS (AWS)

I’m trying to use some of the available AWS AMIs. I chose ami-0359b9b67bd184978 (fedora-coreos-38.20230901.20.0-aarch64) but it’s simply not taking fedora as the username (get the error ‘Server refused our key’) and even tried ec2-user just in case. Another thing is that I don’t understand how to select the AMI as there seems to be many options with slight upgrades. the differences between several of these AMIs. For example, which would be a better option ami-0da456bb338ee122b or ami-0359b9b67bd184978 (fedora-coreos-38.20230901.20.0-aarch64)? Both of these AMIs are for aarch64.

fedora-coreos-38.20230901.20.0-aarch64 is a Fedora CoreOS image. On Fedora CoreOS the default username is core unless you set it to be otherwise. See our documentation.