Problems building Mesa/Vulkan Shaders in Steam - any ideas?


Currently, I’m facing an issue with Steam, and I wanted to ask if anyone already had a similar problem and knows a fix.

When I was on F33, Steam periodically processed Vulkan shaders before I launch Skyrim Special Edition (usually after a mesa update). This resulted in an enormous performance boost in-game.

However, on Fedora 34, this shader processing didn’t happen with the last few mesa updates, and the performance in-game has suffered. Is there a way I can manually trigger a shader processing? I have already tried Steam console (both build and process commands), but it didn’t do anything.

If anyone experienced this before, were you able to resolve it? Is this rather a Steam client issue, or a mesa issue? (Or me having messed something up, but I don’t know how) What would be a way for me to find out?

I have checked my Steam shader folder, and in Skyrim’s directory, there are a few huge files, but the mesa-shader-cache directory is completely empty. In the client, it says that 0B have been pre-cached. Both steam and mesa are fully updated at the date of this post.


Edit: Just to clarify, the setting “Enable Shader Processing” in Steam is still enabled.