Problem with updates of fedora 31

why do i get the message unable to download updates:
error running transaction: is needed by corosynclib-3.0.3-1fc31.x86_64.

i have a fedora 31 and no idea how to solve this issue at the moment

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Can you post the whole information provided when you do run sudo dnf upgrade? Did you try update with someone of the options --best / --skip-broken / --allowerasing


@xtym that is the whole information i get

Try update with this command:

sudo dnf --best --allowerasing --skip-broken upgrade

If the problem persist you can try remove the packages than are causing the problem/s before you update and after install they again if you need them, take a register/log of all than you do delete (if it is the case) because it will be more easy than look into dnf.log what can be complicate sometimes.


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thanks, for the tip that works

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