Problem with monitor driver - wrong vendor

Hello, I am new at fedora and I have some issues using HDMI to VGA adapter with my second monitor LG 20EN33 - vga monitor, 19.5".
The system recognizes the monitor, however indicates that the model is a HITACHI 13" and recognizes wrong resolutions for it (1920x1080, 1440x900, etc) - the actual maximum resolution is 1600x900@60Hz.
I manage to get the right resolution (in wayland) by changing the parameters in grub, but 1) the monitor recognizes itself at the resolution of 1440x900@60, when changed to the correct resolution maximum (, and 2) is apperaring some horizontal noise in image, that does not appear when connected by vga output.

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Hi, for the horizontal line noise, my first though was the converter that give the problem since you can get the normal display when connected with vga output.

I’m not sure, but may be you want to try to decrease the frequency to see if the horizontal noise gone. Or you can start connecting it to vga output and check the available resolution and exact refresh rate then match it to resolution when you connecting it with converter.

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Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
I alteady tried this for the horizontal noise using xorg - xrandr, but it didn’t change much. And I’ve connected a vga-vga to my Dell vostro 1520 manjaro 21.2. the Max resolution that i could get was 840x480, but the horizontal noise was gone :).
I will try your idea with other linux distro.