Problem with login on the discourse


Sorry this post is going to be a bit harsh maybe but I’m managing for the moment, for many months now. No help at all from telegram community of Fedora besides mocking me ,so a little of empathy and efficiency would be nice at some point.

So first this post about what the hell for connecting to this discourse:
I’ve made this gif since it seems difficult to community manager to actually believe me when I say there is a problem.

As you can see in this gif, there is a pop up for no reason at all, I’ve tested in brave shield up and down as you can see and under edge with no restricting policy as you can see either.
And it’s from a fresh windows installation from a VM as you can see too.
And I need to actually manually change the address and cancel the popup to actually go to the login page FAAS from fedora… What the hell?
Can someone from fedora community managers look into this pleeeeaaaaasseeee??? I’ts been like that for many months now.

P.S.: apparently I can’t upload my compelte gif since it’s becoming a tiny little image of 25kb which in reality is 6.5MB… Another problem with this website.
Anyway here is the link to the gif

As far as I know, a problem like that (or maybe it is the same probem) it happens using Chrome with many Fedora sites. It is some SSO (single sign on) functionality bundled with some browsers.
For instance, people reporting such problem (a browser form asking for password) with Chrome on, werre able to successfully log in with Firefox.

This is my only source of information related to that SSO Set up single sign-on for Fedora Project services - Fedora Magazine (Scroll down until Single sign-on with a web browser)

@riecatnor, @FranciscoD, what do you think?


Hi @boistordu.  Using “From the Web” and your link to imgur:

# can be just pasted as is to post.

Well true I could have thought about that but still the uploading is not working as it should be… or maybe it doesn’t handle gif in any case?

   I’d successfully uploaded my avatar (3 Mib) photo.  Probably some .gif related troubles.  I wonder why the proprietary Chrome supported, when its opened part isn’t.  I’m mean: how structurally it’s happened?

then it’s gif yes.

So community managers, could you at least pin a message at the upper head of the forum to warn people to actually go connect with firefox instead of chromium or chrome browsers please? It’s really disturbing and for a long time I thought there was a problem with my password which was obviously not the case…

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Hi @boistordu sorry to hear you have been up against this issue, and thanks for reporting. It’s good that there is a workaround but ideally it would also work in Chrome. I would suggest opening a ticket here: to have the right people look at what is going on.


Since this is not the first time that people report this issue. And since anybody of the affected people is willing to report their issue until now, I filed a ticket to the infrastructure team.


Sorry I was going to do it but I wasn’t going to have the time before a couple of days, especially since I have to write 3 other posts on this forum about other problems and so I wanted to first do that.
Thanks for the help I will add my input just after I’m done.


When we had looked at it last, it wasn’t just chrome, it was chrome that was managed by the organisations that people worked for. Are you on a work machine or on a work network by any chance?

As showned on the shadow gif, it is a fresh installation. Maybe you don’t know but no it’s not a professional host. Please look it up and you’ll see it can’t be what you are saying.

This seems to be a Windows bug. Since the issue is set to Closed: Will Not/Can Not fix, I would suggest the best workaround is to use Firefox (or GNU/Linux)

Yeah don’t worry, I had learn to click cancel. I’m more worried about the fact that it might put aside several users or potential users but you will be the judge of that:)