Problem with Dolphin in Cinnamon Desktop Fedora 34

Something is not right with Dolphin when using the Cinnamon Desktop in Fedora 34. Switched over to a Gnome Desktop and appearance is normal yet not in Cinnamon. Dolphin in Cinnamon Desktop has a bizarre appearance of showing line by line black then white in a repeat pattern. The black rectangular fill has a white lettering so you can see what is there, yet problem when next line switches over to a white rectangular appearance you cannot see any of the white lettering.
I looked around the Dolphin menus for a setting that might change backgrounds yet cannot find anything. Is there possibly some flaw in the Cinnamon desktop settings that may be causing the problem or something I have overlooked? When switching over to a Gnome Desktop the Dolphin program appears and runs normal as it has in the past leading me to believe there may be some flaw in the Cinnamon Desktop causing this problem or something I need to adjust yet cannot find.

Can you share a screenshot so we can see we what you are describing?

This picture is detail view, get a different problem with icon

That looks like a theming issue to me. How are you managing qt themes in Cinnamon?

Heres how the screen looks switching over to icon view.
So far as managing qt themes in Cinnamon, never did anything with such, not sure what that is.

I would guess this is your issue.

Cinnamon themes are gtk themes. Dolphin is a qt application. You could use something like qt5ct or similar to set a qt theme that is similar to your gtk theme.

Thanks for this information. Went over to dnf info and when I asked for information on qt5ct something came up as a package installation. Need to think about how this might effect the entire system by adding this option, in other words how this will effect everything else switching over. I have basically default options for the cinnamon desktop settings. I am writing today on an older computer with version Fedora 27 and dolphin displays properly as it would with any other Linux operating system using the same cinnamon desktop. This flaw seems to be present in version 34.