Problem Reporting - what kind of sensitive data might be included?

When I use the problem reporting tool in Gnome it warns me that sensitive data might be included in the upload. How sensitive are we talking? Is it safe for me to use this tool?

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It should allow you to go through the report to see what it considers “sensitive”. In most cases, it points out keywords like “password” to the user so that the user can check if the password is included. From all my reporting, it never has because the value of the password field is removed or “optimised out”.

So, just check what it points out. It is designed to only collect data about the system that is necessary to diagnose the issue and submit a bug report. If you are unsure, you can always mark the bug as “private” so only package maintainers and people with access be able to view your bug report. You can then double-check with the maintainer, and if they note that there’s no private information, you can make the bug public.