Problem after installing fedora skd 40 plasma

Help please I made with the fedora media creation tool a USB for installing fedora kde 40 plasma on my old laptop it wiped my ssd but before fedora starts I get after the installing and before starting up a error can’t find TOCBLOCK but I didn’t dual boot what went wrong Ps I’m beginner on linux

That is an error message from Windows boot software.

Did you intend to replace windows with fedora or dual boot?

Wanted to get write of windows during installation I wiped al partitions only have a second ssd mounted in my dvd bay but has only music on it so weird that it is a windows error??? Fedora does work only that message is keeping up at start up and closing the message appears after I see grub text then fedora boots up

Want to get write of windows

Is the media creation tool not deleting everything on my ssd when I chose delete all partitions I did that maybe that’s not enough then? Do I have to wipe my ssd drive manually??

I want to get write of windows beginning to hate that os

This may be a message from bios if the laptop is looking for windows specifically. Sometimes the bios is set to look specifically for windows and may give an error message if not found.

If you wiped all the partitions how was that done. ?
During install by selecting to reclaim all space and use the entire drive?
Or manually?
or something else?

You may have a lingering windows partition that sometimes is hidden.
Please post the output of sudo fdisk -l so we can see the exact partitioning as it exists right now.

Will do when I am home I used only the media creation tool for the USB and then With installation wiped all maps that were shown all data will be wiped it was sayd so I think it is something hidden

Sda1 says unknown is that the problem??

Tryed Linux mint also same message wiped whole drive formated it in fat 32 but same message so must be in the bios

So no mater if I install Linux mint or fedora message keeps on showing so must be in the bios

I did get out the ssd and wiped all of it’s partitions manual and formated it fat32 it doesn’t matter the message keeps going showing so something to do with the bios maybe to old or is windows in the bios??

If I start any iso with Linux mint or fedora it shows in the beginning that error message

Can it be that maybe it is the multicard reader of the laptop?