Problem about an old article "How to use Fedora Server to create a router / gateway"

Hi, those days I am trying to build a router with Fedora IoT, mostly following instructions from How to use Fedora Server to create a router / gateway - Fedora Magazine

I faced some problems that come from fix(zone): target: default is now similar to reject · firewalld/firewalld@f2896e4 · GitHub , a breaking change of firewalld after the article is written. The problem stops all inter-zone forwarding by default, you should set target for internal to ACCEPT or add a policy to allow forwarding.

Should the old article be updated accordingly, or put an comment there?

And for the topic of building a router based on fedora IoT itself, can it be interesting enough as a separate article at fedora magazine, I have one on my blog Building a router based on Fedora IoT - Karuboniru's Blog , and if suitable I can do some modification on my blog and send a proposal here.

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I think in general we don’t update the old magazine articles, although if it’s something really bad adding a little note might not hurt.

For something that is useful to have always up to date, it’d be good to convert to a Quick Doc (and the magazine article could be edited to point to that).

If a lot has changed, it might be time for a new article.