Printing PDF documents using Xreader

I am using Fedora 37 and a Brother MFC9660 printer. I use A4 paper.
I created a document in Libreoffice Writer. I added some text and then used Format->Borders to put a box round it. The rulers in Writer showed the box as being 17 cm wide x 3.5 cm high.
I printed the document from Writer and the box did indeed have those measurements.
I used Writer to create a PDF document. I took the PDF to a machine running Windows XP with Adobe Reader and printed the document on the same printer and the text box had the same measurements.
However, opening the PDF document on my Fedora machine (using the default Xreader) and printing, the text box only measures 15.6x3.1 cm.
I also used the option to scale the output - I selected 200% and this time the box measured 15.6x3.1 cm - exactly the same as 100% size.
It feels as though Xreader is trying to scale my A4 document to fit the shorter letter size paper and not looking at anything else - but of course, I could be wrong about that.
Why does Xreader not print PDF documents at their original size? Is there another PDF reader I can use?

The default PDF reader in Fedora is evince, not Xreader? Have you tried that?

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  1. Xreader was installed as part of my Fedora installation whereas I have just added evince to my setup.
  2. evince did not give the opportunity to print the document.

I will uninstall evince.

What Fedora Edition or spin are you using? Defaults differ, so it’s important to let us know.

There should be a print option in the menu in the titlebar on the right.

That said, Xreader should be able to do this correctly…

I am using Cinnamon.