Printer Driver on Silverblue

Hi all,

My printer (Canon Pixma TS205) requires cnijfilter to be installed. As the installation of the vendor RPM is not possible on Silverblue, I have compiled it from source to /usr/local. It contains cups filters and an own backend.

When I try adding the Printer using the included PPD file, it complains that the filter (and probably the backend) cannot be found. They are located at /usr/local/lib/cups/ and cups seems to lookup in /usr/lib/cups/ only, which is not writable on Silverblue.

Is there a way to work around the issue, e.g. expanding the Filter and Backend Path for cups?


Sorry I can’t answer your question, but are you saying you were unable to install the RPM with rpm-ostree install <rpm>?

Thanks for the heads-up. Actually the latest version of the ‘official’ cnijfilter package can be installed and is usable on Silverblue as it no longer places files in /usr/local which isn’t supported for rpm-ostree currently.

The RPM is available on the Japanese Canon Website: IJ Printer Driver Ver. 6.40 (rpmパッケージアーカイブ)|キヤノン