Presentation mode on fedora 38 gnome

I don’t want my screen to go black after e few minutes,
I want to
disable the screensaver and auto suspend.

what should I do?

Nothing is required.

Fedora 38 enabled auto-suspend and the system normally suspends after 15 minutes of idle time.

Disabling the screensaver can be done from within the gnome settings → privacy screen.

Screenshot from 2023-06-06 17-32-42

is this the correct thing to do if
I don’t want the screen to go black, ever ?

That prevents gnome from blanking and locking the screen. The system will still turn off the screen when suspend is activated.

I don’t understand.
What should I do
for my screen to NEVER EVER go black ???

One needs to disable auto-suspend for fedora 38 to prevent that.

Fedora 37 and earlier did not auto-suspend, but that was changed with fedora 38.
According to this web site one can disable the auto-suspend with
sudo systemctl mask {sleep,suspend,hibernate,hybrid-sleep}.target

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Don’t mask those targets. If you did, you can undo it by changing mask to unmask.

You can disable suspend in power settings, see the Solution section here: GNOME suspends after 15 minutes of user inactivity, even on AC power The issue in that post may be relevant to you as well.

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My choices in the gnome settings → power panel are different than shown in the image with the linked post.

After I unmasked those targets it now shows

I do not ever want my system to auto-suspend and only by masking those particular targets does it remain active. The settings in the gnome control panel do not seem to function as expected for me. This is why I masked them in the first place.

This seems like something important to mention in the discussion of said issue (which you were active in), and also to report to upstream.

Since that topic slowed down, presumably the setting works for others. If you don’t report it, it won’t be fixed.

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