Power button prompts for confirmation!


Can anyone tell me is it possible to configure F31 to power down directly (without prompting) when the power button is pressed?
I can’t find any reference online.



Only works for suspend, but not for poweroff.

I am just press (not hold, or it will emergency shutdown with possible data loss) the button on the top of my laptop.

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Thank you Vitaliy for your reply, however it seems you misunderstood the question. I want the machine to shut down gracefully when I press the button.

I note some debate about this on the forums of another Linux flavour. Also, this behaviour is standard in ‘that other’ OS!
Obviously this is not a show stopper but I firmly believe that as I am the human, if I press a button I expect the machine to do what it’s told.
Looks like I’ll have to learn how to patch and rebuild if I want this functionality. Think I’ve come to Linux a little late. My enthusiasm for programming waned some time ago!



Oh…That is asks for confirmation, actually…

  1. Also your can write a script:
    #! /bin/bash

    systemctl poweroff

  2. chmod u+x script.sh

  3. and make a shortcut.

    Screenshot showing Gnome3 Settings app and its search input field. The keyboard shortcuts string is entered in the field

  4. Err... yes, needs sudo, sucks...

systemctl poweroff doesn’t need sudo here.

Indeed, if you issue this command:
gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power power-button-action

While in the GUI you see “Power Off”, it is actually “interactive”.

And the possible values are:

$ gsettings range org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power power-button-action


So, I guess, one thing to do could be to set to nothing and find a way to intercept (using dbus? acpi? udev? polling journalctl?) that the power button was pressed (indeed in journalctl you can see this line systemd-logind[1350]: Power key pressed. )

Sorry but I can’t be of more help.

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Gnome devs about that decision (Sounds sane).

$ systemd-inhibit

WHO                            UID  USER PID  COMM            WHAT                                                     WHY                                                         MODE 
ModemManager                   0    root 884  ModemManager    sleep                                                    ModemManager needs to reset devices                         delay
NetworkManager                 0    root 979  NetworkManager  sleep                                                    NetworkManager needs to turn off networks                   delay
UPower                         0    root 1378 upowerd         sleep                                                    Pause device polling                                        delay
gnome-tweak-tool-lid-inhibitor 1000 vits 1578 gnome-tweak-too handle-lid-switch                                        user preference                                             block
vits                           1000 vits 1534 gsd-power       handle-lid-switch                                        External monitor attached or configuration changed recently block
vits                           1000 vits 1533 gsd-media-keys  handle-power-key:handle-suspend-key:handle-hibernate-key GNOME handling keypresses                                   block
vits                           1000 vits 1533 gsd-media-keys  sleep                                                    GNOME handling keypresses                                   delay
vits                           1000 vits 1534 gsd-power       sleep                                                    GNOME needs to lock the screen                              delay

8 inhibitors listed.




Set InhibitorsMax=0 in /etc/systemd/logind.conf.
  • HandlePowerKey=poweroff is default

  • Setting PowerKeyIgnoreInhibited=yes instead of above is not working...
    ( 🤪️ man logind.conf: "Low level inhibitor locks ("handle-power-key", "handle-suspend-key", "handle-hibernate-key", "handle-lid-switch"), are always honored, irrespective of this setting.")


Pressing power button causes shutdown -- without confirmation.

PS: Now, obvious question: Where is i am exhibit idiotic and dangerous behavior?

Disclaimer: If i were your, i'm rather use a custom shortcut!

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I don’t understand: with these steps, power off without confirmation works or not?
(Take into account that as far as I can understand, gnome considers the power button as a media key, like volume up, and it is not in line with systemd?.. Well too complex for me).

Who says that it is idiotic? I agree that it is dangerous, because there are computers where it is too simple to hit the power button by accident.


  1. Power Button Action [Nothing]
  2. Set InhibitorsMax=0 in /etc/systemd/logind.conf.
  3. Works, if HandlePowerKey=poweroff is default

Just a PowerKeyIgnoreInhibited=yes is a wrong option.

PS: In dconf-editor:
org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys power-static [‘XF86PowerOff’]

Setting it to [‘’] gives me nothing.

Hi All,
Just wanted to say many thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated!