Posts from muted tags still showing up as "suggested"?

@mattdm Another Problem about tag’s

I’ve muted all categories except the default English and Español, all goes well in the normal view and latest, but when you select and TOPIC with tag contain for example Español and go inside on it the view of suggest TOPIC is not filtering tag’s

An image of that behaviour is here, I Expect the same behaviour here like normal view or latest, and I don’t want to see any other tag’s that I don’t want to see or muted, and we can see chinese and italiano.


This situation not happen when you select a TOPIC in english and go inside of it


Yeah, that seems like a bug. I’ll report it upstream when I get a chance.

Looks like this is a long-standing problem with no easy fix. Prevent Muted Topics appearing in Suggested Topics? - support - Discourse Meta