Post menu hidden items (the controls below each post)

This is a screenshot of part of the Discourse settings. This determines what shows up below a post by default and what’s behind the “”.

The second setting is colored yellow because it’s changed from the default. (@ankursinha, you added “share” to that a couple of years ago — do you remember why?)

The current setup is pretty minimal without expanding. (We’re only not hiding “like” and “reply”.) That’s definitely got its virtues. (The result is just: :heart: for reactions, the ☐ Solution box, and a pencil for edit for your own posts.)

On the other hand, enabling other things like “share”, “bookmark”, “flag” might encourage more engagement with those features. (I personally find bookmark incredibly useful, because it can set a reminder to look at something in the future.)

What options do you think should be EXPANDED by default?
  • like (currently the only one)
  • share
  • flag
  • edit
  • bookmark
  • delete
  • admin

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(Note that things like “admin” or “edit” only show to the people who can do those things, so having “admin” there might be handy for faster administrative access. Also, I didn’t put “reply” on the list because I’m taking that for granted.)

Like all of these polls, this is just a straw-poll to get an idea of what people think is most useful!

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Hrm, can’t remember I’m afraid :slightly_frowning_face:

Share i like because of the follow up Links, so it is less hidden.

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Bookmark scored high in the poll, so I’ll add that. We seem less sure about Share, but since it’s one of the defaults and we don’t remember why we hid it in the first place, I’ll put it back for now. As always, we can revisit if after some time in production we don’t like it.