Post hand-picked digest from this forum to devel mailing list

I think this forum would benefit from more exposure of devel mailing list in Fedora.

Posting every message from here to the mailing list is definitely an overkill, but what about posting a digest with the chosen subset of topics?

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to use forums is that, by some reason, they don’t believe that one can have a quality discussion in a forum thread. So let’s provide some examples.

I would create a special tag(“piblish”, fo rexample), which can be used to mark certain topics which are worth highlighting in the digest. And then we can subscribe devel mailing list to get notifications for this tag on, let’s say, Fridays.

If there will be no such topics over the week - that’s fine, but when there will be, people will get notified, and maybe join the conversation.

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I like this idea.

I’m not sure if there is an existing plugin or Discourse extension we could use for this. I would want a digest and not a mirror, because I do not subscribe to devel@ specifically because I just can’t keep up with that mailing list.

If there is not an existing plugin or tool, this brings us to a pervasive question in the Fedora volunteer community of, “It’s a good idea once someone codes it and agrees to maintain it.”

For me, I prefer forums to mailing lists because I can better control what email notifications I get at all.

The devel@ list is too noisy to be useful for me. There are maybe 5 posts on the devel@ list that might actually interest me. A forum lets me better control getting notifications for things I care about and turning off notifications for discussions that do not interest me.

For mailing lists, one of the many ways to handle this would be to create a
filter in your mail client to ignore given threads. In my mail client (KMail),
I’ve got a macro that will ignore a given thread by marking them as read when
they come in. This way, I still have them in case I’d like to read them at
some point, but I’m not getting notifications for them.