Possible naming inconsistency of the update

This is not really an issue but I thought it should still be pointed out for next time.
The update is labelled as “Fedora Linux 36”. I would have expected it to be called “Fedora Workstation 36”. That is more accurate and the link also leads to the article about the Workstation update.

I do imagine it is called “Fedora Linux 36” because we agreed that when we do talk about the OS in general we name it not “Fedora 36” anymore.

As all the versions got released at the same time I believe “Fedora Linux 36” is the right term.

Have a look at hostnameclt, there it is also named Fedora Linux 36 (Workstation Edition).
The addition in brackets shows the DE you use.
Workstation in the other hand is an alias for Gnome Desktop and is the Default DE from Fedora Linux with a Desktop Environment.

I for example use a spin and mine is named >> Fedora Linux 35 (MATE-Compiz)