Port 3.0 not detected usb 3.0

The port 3.0 blue, not detected usb 3.0, but i connect in port 2.0 its work. And when connect usb 3.0 in port 3.0, gnome stop working, all, keyboard mouse…

I use fedora 31 x86_64, system76 lemur8
Linux mrx 5.5.9-200.fc31.x86_64

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   For sure someone will offer you a better advice.  Try, before connecting usb-3.0, something like this in the terminal emulator:

t='sleep 30'
a='dmesg|tail -n40 > dmesg.txt'
b='journalctl -xe > journalctl.txt'
eval "${t} && ${a} && ${b}"

and connect usb-3.0.  Then see if there anything interesting in those files.

it’s works, but in two o three try

it’s necessary install any driver?

Is there any errors reported in those files?
Reporting Bugs (Fedora).

yeap, but year 2019

Especially bad due to that machine is system76’s.  Did you’d tested this USB-3 with the older releases?

not, today update kernel to 5.5.10-200.fc31.x86_64, its works now

not i need connect and disconnect two times

could it be that in this line:

eval "${t} && ${a} && {b}"

is a “$” missing and should read:

eval "${t} && ${a} && ${b}"

cause a test with

eval {b}


bash: {b}: command not found

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works, i used this solution for now

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