Poll: For Rubberband users and downstream maintainers, do you want the 3.2.x release pushed to stable branches?

From Rubberband’s NEWS page:

Version 3.2.0 contains significant improvements to output quality for certain processing modes. Most notably, it updates the “centre-focus” mode for the R3 engine (OptionChannelsTogether) so as to retain mono compatibility in the resulting stereo output and to produce more coherent imaging in many situations. There are also small fixes to latency calculation in some modes. Version 3.2.0 may be downloaded from the main Rubber Band Library page.

Meanwhile version 3.1.3 is a pure bugfix release whose output is otherwise unchanged from 3.1.2. It is a recommended update for applications where changes to audio output are undesirable, or at least without substantial review. Version 3.1.3 may be downloaded from the download index page.

The API is unchanged, and I’ve just updated Rawhide to 3.2.1 (a bugfix release for 3.2.x), but I’m going to wait a week to see if there is any objection to updating the stable branches given the changes.

  • Update F37 and F38 to 3.2.1
  • Update F37 to 3.1.3, F38 to 3.2.1
  • Update stable releases to 3.1.3 only

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Thanks to all who took the time to vote. I’ve just published updates - 3.2.1 for F38, 3.1.3 for F37 and EL9