Plexamp works on laptop but not desktop

Just curious if anyone is using the flatpak plexamp application with F38. I’ve run into an odd issue where it works fine on my lenovo laptop running F38, but my desktop it immediately crashes. All I’m getting from abrt is:

— Running report_uReport —
Error: No segments found in coredump ‘./coredump’
(‘report_uReport’ exited with 1)

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Same issue running Fedora Linux 39.20231205.0 (Silverblue)

I get this Launch using discrete Graphics card, it then desorts the screen and is unusable. If I try to just run it fails.

There is also Girens for Plex media in the Fedora Flathub repo, if you want a GTK based non-proprietary solution. Tijder / Girens for Plex · GitLab

This is actually being caused by an electron bug. It is discussed (with a workaround) here: Reddit - Dive into anything

The workaround requires you install flatseal, which is available in the Fedora repositories.

Hopefully, the electron folks will fix this soon. It has been going on for quite a while now with no apparent progress.