Please help me fix Libreoffice's theme

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Hopefully this will tell you enough:

Could you please share screenshots etc.? (We don’t want folks on the forum clicking on links to lots of file sharing websites)

It’s also better to share screenshots here so that if someone else runs into the thread later all the information they need is here—the file you’ve uploaded may not stay there forever.

Wormhole has nothing to do with a theme for Libreoffice.
Accurate info is needed.

Here are the photos:

Can you create a new user please and confirm that it looks fine with the default theme? If it does, this is something to do with the theme you are using.

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Everything works fine with a new user, so I guess there’s something wrong with my theme?

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Yeh, where are you getting these theme from? Perhaps best to speak to the theme author who may know more about what may cause these issues.

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Well, it’s happening with every theme. It was fine 3 weeks ago

If you know when this started, it could be because of other changes to LibreOffice or related packages. Would you be able to look at your dnf history to see when this began? We’d then go over the packages that have changed since then and try to see what the cause is. It could be that some underlying package was updated, and now the themes need to be updated for it etc.

How about testing your themes in a new user, in case it’s some other user configuration (like an older libreoffice config) that’s causing the issues?

I’m not 100% sure, but 29th September might be since when all this started happening.

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Take a look at your dnf history with dnf history list and dnf history <info>. If you see any packages that look UI related—could be libreoffice packages, or Qt etc. packages, they would be worth starting with.

Ok, will try

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BTW, switching the icon theme to Breeze Dark fixed the icons

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Looking like this now:

Looking kind of ok, right? Should I mark the above reply as the solution?

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Sure, if that fixes it for you then that’s the solution here.

So, looks like there’s some issue between different icon themes and libreoffice perhaps? Does the theme you were using include icons? Maybe they’re not a complete set or something?

Yes, it does include icons