Please create Fedora Legal docs space on GitLab

Continuing the discussion from Move Docs to GitLab:

Hey @ryanlerch (or @bcotton or whoever can do it), can you please set up a /legal / Fedora Legal space on Fedora Docs on Gitlab, and make it owned/writable by @jlovejoy and @ref?

I don’t think that’s what we want. A /legal space under the main Fedora namespace is probably better. That makes ACLs easier and allows non-docs legal things (like the license data, etc) to live in the same home.

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Okay, that’s fine too. A place to put the legal docs is the key thing.

You’ll probably need to open an infra ticket for that.

Ok — Issue #10474: New 'legal' namespace in Fedora GitHub - fedora-infrastructure - Thanks!


Made the group – but @jlovejoy @ref arent added to it yet – i have updated the infra ticket with a bit more info,

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