Plasma crashes with a blank screen and cursor

My plasma desktop crashes after about 5 minutes the screen goes blank the desktop has no wallpaper no panels and if a window is open kwin has stopped you can still hit ALT+space bar to bring up the search and run any apps or even bring up the konsole to log out, all apps still work but you can not resize any windows or close them. I have 2 accounts on this computer and this is only happening on one of the accounts I have even deleted the account and all files and still when I add the second account this happens. any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

May I suggest a workaround until you have found the problem. For me, plasmashell crashes occasionally, with the effects you describe. It seems to happen more often when the machine is loaded, but I don’t have any clear pattern.

Most of the time it gets restarted automatically after a few seconds. But when it doesn’t, I simply type plasmashell --replace in a terminal window, and things seem to work fine again. My autostarted programs include yakuake, so I can always bring up a terminal window with F12; it works even when plasmashell has crashed.

Obviously, this is just a workaround. I should figure out why the shell is crashing in the first place, but haven’t got around to do that yet. In the mean time this reduces the problem for me. Maybe it could for you too, if it is plasmashell that is the trouble in your case too?

Thanks for the suggestion I have ran the command before just very frustrating to have to do that and it is only for one particular account none of the other desktops or even accounts has this problem. I researched it but there is no know solution seems to be a KDE Plasma issue that so far no one has figured out why it is happening.