Pitch: OpenQA Cloud Deployment

Hi! - I’m a developer from Collabora and for the last few months we’ve been working with @dcavalca, @anitazha, @adamwill and others on an openQA project for Fedora. We’d like to write an article to share our work with the community.

Article Summary:
Fedora benefits from a comprehensive and robust OpenQA deployment that runs tests on nightly composes and updates (see: OpenQA - Fedora Project Wiki). A recent project examined Fedora’s long-standing OpenQA infrastructure and reproduced it, as a proof of concept, in the AWS cloud using containers and cloud resources. This article would outline the new OpenQA cloud architecture; provide instructions for setup and configuration; and finally discuss some of the advantages and difficulties of running OpenQA in containers and the cloud.

Article Description:
This is just a rough outline:

  • brief overview of OpenQA and how it is used by Fedora
  • motivation for a cloud deployment

Cloud Deployment

  • What the cloud architecture looks like - a diagram and explanation of the parts

Setup and Configuration

  • local vs production deployments
  • essential configurations and what they do

Special characteristics of Fedora’s OpenQA implementation

  • templates and fifloader
  • createhdds
  • fedora messaging and scheduling

How to debug OpenQA in Containers

  • binding in scripts
  • perl tricks

Special Networking considerations

  • tap devices, openvswitch and vde

Resource Listings
e.g. OpenQA - Fedora Project Wiki

I’d give this article a +1
But is it a bit developer specific for the magazine?? @jflory7 @glb ??

Developer content is fine for Fedora Magazine. However, I’m not sure how interested the average Fedora Linux user would be in OpenQA operations. This one might be a better fit for the CommBlog. I’ll await Justin’s recommendation.

@jflory7 Do you think this pitch would be better for the CommBlog ??

hmm, another angle we could take is how this project makes it easier for anyone to deploy openQA locally in containers; learn about the openQA tool in general; and extend or otherwise muck about with the fedora tests and images locally. would that be more aligned with what your audience would be interested in? it’s kind of an interesting consequence of putting fedora’s openQA into the cloud - you can really just set it up anywhere

Yes, if you can present it as something the end user can interact with in some way, then I think it might be a little more interesting to the Fedora Magazine audience.

I’ll give this my +1 for Fedora Magazine.

I’ve created card #299 to track the status of this article. Let us know with a comment on that card when you have your article ready for review and publication. You can use this link to sign in on Fedora Magazine’s WordPress instance and write/upload your article.

Thanks for your contribution!